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A father embracing his child in the womb, while the mother watches and smiles.

Why you should stop saying ‘Ouch’ in your third trimester!

Imagine yourself in a warm, cosy bubble that’s completely dark. In the 3rd trimester, your fetus in the womb is nearly the size of a big zucchini, undergoing fascinating development. Those little ears get better at picking out the deeper tones around week 27 or 28. It’s like turning up the stereo volume in the baby’s little sanctuary. So if you’re expecting a boy, he might already be a fan of his dad’s voice.

He begins to hear your heartbeat and the soothing music you play. His little ears become more sensitive to the sounds around him, even the vibrations of your voice. He’s actually listening in on your talks and taking in the cacophony of noises that are all around you.

Why Does Your Baby Kick in Response to Loud Noises during 3rd trimester?

Your little one may become scared if there is a sudden loud noise. For example, whenever a door slams shut or a dog barks. What’s most interesting is that he begins to respond to these sounds! Imagine his surprise as he feels a jolt and responds with a quick kick. As you can see, he kicks as though to ask, “Hey, what was that?”

According to research, babies in the womb learn to figure out their mother’s voice. They find comfort in the sound that has been with them since their inception. So, each time you speak, your voice reverberates strongly throughout your body and into your child’s hearing range. It’s like a lullaby for your infant, a reassuring and comforting tune.

woman sitting on sofa with her pregnant exposed holding a headphone over the tummy

How does the child in the womb respond to the mother’s voice? Here’s a study!

And the story continues. In a remarkable study, ultrasound imaging in the 3rd trimester captured some truly amazing moments. As music filled the room, the researchers observed the baby’s facial expressions changing in response. They witnessed small creases forming on the tiny brows, as if the baby was trying to comprehend the rhythm. There were subtle movements, almost like a little dance. It’s as if your cute one was joyfully saying, “I’m here, and I’m enjoying the music too!”

Among all the voices that filled the room, one stood out to the small one—none other than the mother’s voice. It held a unique power over the baby. As the mother spoke, her voice seemed to resonate with a special connection. The fetus responded, turning towards the sound, with an animated facial expression. It was as if it recognized that familiar voice—the mom’s voice—that gave comfort and reassurance.

How Mother’s Speech and Music Shape the Unborn Child’s Experience!

In those captivating moments, the researchers marveled at the incredible bond budding between the mother and her unborn child. They saw firsthand how much the mom’s speech and music affected the experience of the fetus in the womb. It was proof of the mom-child duo’s unbreakable communication. It went beyond words and touched the very centre of their beings.

The take away from the study is that every interaction, and sound, has the power to mould your child. Every mom’s voice, love, and presence are already making a meaningful impact on her precious fetus. Till then let the mama continue her journey, eagerly awaiting the day she can hold her joy in her arms.

Talk, Read, and Sing to Your Baby in the Womb in the 3rd trimester!

Did you know that newborns respond differently to words and sounds they hear regularly during the 3rd trimester? You can connect with them even before they’re born! So, make it a habit to talk to your child, read books to them, and sing songs to them. It’s a wonderful way to make them know and grow familiar with your voice.

Are you ready for the arrival? Gain valuable insights and must-know tips to prepare yourself for the 3rd trimester!

As you eagerly await your little one, you might get busy with preparations for the new addition to your family. Yet, amidst the joy and anticipation, it’s natural to feel some anxiety as well. The never-ending shopping lists for baby essentials, such as cribs, strollers, and onesies, might weigh heavily on your mind.

Each passing day adds more tasks to your growing to-do list, including nursery decorations, childbirth classes, and pediatrician appointments. Picking the ideal name for them comes with added pressure, due to the role it plays in shaping their identity. As time goes by, you might get more exhausted due to the discomfort of a low back pain.

Isn’t it time to shield your unborn child from the constant “ouch” caused by low back pain?

You can proactively address and manage your aches and pains using yoga poses recommended by MyFat Diet. Prioritize your self-care and seek out breaks. Make sure that your child only hears the calming sounds of your steady breathing and heartbeat. Find a selection of energizing yoga videos created especially to improve your back. Using the poses in these videos, you may strengthen and toughen up your back.

As you head into the final stretch, keeping up abdominal and back exercises is important to keep your body strong. After the baby’s born, you’ll have a lot of lifting to do. Follow Prenatal Yoga expert Jane, to keep you strong. Fight the sway back posture that may develop as your uterus gets heavier.

You may notice that your back feels more sore towards the end of the day. Get ready to prevent back pain by working on your fitness and posture with Prenatal Yoga expert Jane. Try this super simple,”Right Angle Pose”, to ease your back pain and feel strong and comfortable in your body again.

Changes in your center of gravity put strain on your lower back and hips. These 3 pain busting moves from Prenatal Yoga expert Jane, can strengthen your back now.

When the long-awaited day comes, hold your newborn in your arms and whisper words of love. In that intimate moment, your little one will attentively listen to the steady rhythm of your beating heart and the gentle sound of your breath. Whether inside the womb or in your loving embrace, create a bond between you and your child.

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