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10 Ways to Be and Stay Happy!

Happiness is much more than a fleeting emotion. It's all about how satisfied you are with your life and how good you feel about yourself. Together, let's look at these 11 strategies and discover the secrets to enduring happiness.
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Have you heard “Big Yellow Taxi” and “Don’t Worry Be Happy” yet? If not, do it now! You often fail to appreciate how much you have until it’s gone. If you used social media to trick yourself into thinking you’d been happy, you’re mistaken! If achieving pleasure is what you’re aiming for, you should be aware that you can train your brain to make you happy, leading you to the path of happiness. And let’s be fair, who doesn’t want to be happy?

Experiencing happiness can stimulate your brain so much that it is wired to react in a way that perpetuates pleasure. Dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphin (D.O.S.E) are the four “happy chemicals”— produced by your brain to keep you happy throughout your life.

Shopping, sex, and even the smell of baked buns can all cause a “dopamine rush.” Dopamine floods your brain in the morning, helping you feel awake and focused. You also get a dopamine high when you finish a chore, receive a compliment, or celebrate a minor win.

The hormone oxytocin is also known as the “love drug” or “hug hormone” since it promotes a variety of sexual pleasures and social bonds. With the same molecular components, this miraculous hormone is produced by all mammals.  The effects of oxytocin are the same whether you’re a human, a giraffe, or a rabbit.

When you’re happy and everything seems to be going well for you, you can feel the effects of serotonin. This hormone constantly communicates between your brain and your gut and regulates your mood. The butterflies in your stomach, sometimes known as a “gut feeling,” are caused by serotonin.

Your body has its own analgesics, or painkillers, called endorphins. “Endo” stands for your body’s own product, while “morphine” stands for the behavior mimicking the opioid analgesic morphine.

When you need them the most, release these “happy chemicals” and increase your feelings of satisfaction. Here are a few ways for getting your daily dose of happiness.

1. “Make Love” Instead of Just Having Sex!

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Get intimate with your partner, hug, kiss, cuddle, and look into your partner’s eye with love. Hold hands, stroke, massage, and discover a new, romantic way to explore your sexuality together. Slow down and focus on gradual arousal and orgasm.

2. Forgive and Forget to stay happy!

Will you be able to remember an event without becoming upset when someone abuses you? Can you let go of your resentment and need for vengeance? Will you be able to understand that the pain you feel is only fleeting? Would you be able to change your perspective while learning how to use it?

Practice this Forgiveness meditation and learn how to hug them and forgive them with love.

3. Listen Passively To Music

Even while you should keep your attention on the road when driving, you can also listen to instrumental music, particularly if it makes you feel ecstatic. You can also listen to a podcast while doing the dishes. Interestingly, a study found that during rehearsals, choir members released more endorphins. Any idea of doing that?

4. Smile With Your Eyes!

Let’s try this fun exercise! Stand in front of the mirror and cover your mouth so that only your eyes and brows are visible in the mirror. Now, do a huge, hearty smile. Even if your lips are hidden from view, you should be able to “see” the smile in your eyes. You can also try making “motorboat” sounds by exhaling through your pursed lips, like blowing raspberries, with your little ones.

5. Think in Threes!

Begin your day by listing three things that you might often take for granted, such as the roof over your head, cozy quilts, or your beautifully manicured nails—anything that brings you joy and comfort. Take a moment to express gratitude for these things. Instead of focusing on what you lack, try shifting your attention to what you have.

As you go for a walk, consciously observe your surroundings and appreciate three items you see. It could be the vastness of the sky, the graceful flight of birds, or the vibrant colors of blooming flowers. Each of these can serve as a reminder of the beauty and abundance that surrounds you. By practicing gratitude in these small moments, you can cultivate a mindset of appreciation and enhance your overall well-being.

6. Expand Your Positive Memories To Make You Happy!

Pick someone from your network of friends or family. Imagine sharing a recent happy memory with them. Remember and revisit the happy moment via a positive lens. Use all your senses as you walk through the memory. Allow the feeling to expand within you. Give yourself room to feel more with this Bee’s breath.

7. Share a Good Laugh with Loved Ones

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According to a study, laughing with others increases sensations of euphoria and triggers the release of endogenous opioids in the brain. Interestingly, when you watch funny hilarious videos with close friends and family, your pain threshold may increase.

8. Practice Delayed Gratification!

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Try to wait to get what you want now so that you can receive something greater in the future. For example, by denying yourself a piece of chocolate truffle cake when you’re attempting to lose weight, you are making a conscious choice to postpone immediate gratification for the sake of achieving a larger goal. Putting off your pleasure in this way can make a significant difference in ultimately attaining what you truly desire.

9. Practice Random Acts of Kindness!

The “love hormone” or “hug hormone,” oxytocin, can be released in a number of situations even when physical contact is not involved. You have the power to embrace, care for, and love others through specific actions or behaviors, which benefits both of you.

Whenever you lend a sympathetic ear to a friend in need, offer emotional support during trying times, or display acts of kindness and compassion, you can make other people feel loved, connected, and warm. At the same time, your oxytocin levels will soar through the sky.

10. Listen to Green Noise Before Bedtime!

Some examples of the green noise you hear in nature include the rush of a waterfall or the crashing of waves on a beach. It could whisk you from your desk to a lush refuge far away. It might, at the very least, aid in blocking out other unpleasant noises that annoy you. Here is a green noise-infused sleep meditation provided to you by MyFat Diet:

Science has shown that all of these activities can raise your happiness. You’ll experience a long-term improvement in your general wellbeing as long as you’re consistent. Since the majority of these techniques also promote good habits, there is no harm in giving them a try when you’re feeling depressed. However, talk to your doctor for a comprehensive review if you struggle to cheer yourself up when you encounter melancholy, worry, or despair.

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